Footage Of 3-Year-Old Slamming To The Floor During Seizure Leaves Parents Terrified

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In 2012, a story came out about a little girl who went through an unimaginable journey at just 3 years old.

Her name is Cameron Mott and when she was born, she was a happy and healthy little girl. However, at age 3, she started having close to 10 seizures every day. They were aggressive, violent, and harmful attacks, which meant Cameron soon had to start wearing a helmet to prevent her from injuring herself any further.

After several visits with doctors and many days of her parents being scared and heartbroken for her, the family finally got an answer. Her diagnosis was Rasmussen’s syndrome, an autoimmune disease that attacks one side of the brain. The best way they knew how to solve her problems was to cut half of her brain out.

This was a horrifying solution to hear, but if it was the only chance for Cameron to survive and live her life without this horrible and constant problem, the parents realized there was nothing else to do.

Thankfully, the choice they made was right — and you won’t believe what Cameron is like after the surgery.

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